Chapter Fifty-Two: The Preacher

Editor’s Note: The story of Vine cannot only be one of Elders vs. witches, Preachers explaining away monsters, and land itself performing magic. The story of Vine exists within its people. Sometimes, I like to go to Gentleman Jim’s and simply write down what people say. Make no mistake, the Preachers drink at Jim’s, too. Enough whiskey and you get a free sermon.

I have done battle brothers and sisters and may I say the battle is arduous and difficult and worth your time. The walls rise and close and we feel shrunken and defenseless. But how can that be true? How can that be true brothers and sisters? I say unto to you: do you want to be sitted at the right hand of God? We have the tools we need. We have all we need to fight the Evil One and His Demons. And what do we need? Faith and Love and Hope. We can then overcome anything. Though we may be poor in everyday struggles and poor in bank accounts we are rich in Faith and Hope and Love. Just the other day our friend Mark called upon me to set up his new TV. You know the kind. We were fiddling with the wires and struggling with plugs and at one point our brother Mark got frustrated and said I know we’re going to get there but I just can’t see it. And I had to pause there. And I said God rewards those who fight hard. 

God rewards. 

Those who fight. 


Whatever the demons you are facing friends? Remember: fight hard. Remember the rewards. To be sitted at the right hand of God! O my brothers and sisters we have lived humbly and served our God. Whether it is tightening your belts and saving money so you can buy that new truck at the end of the month or simply wondering if your prayers got heard do not forget that the demons confront all of us. They do so in hope of stealing our souls. But with discipline we can fight harder. We can arm ourselves with the shield of Faith and the breastplate of Love and the sword of Hope. With these tools we can fight any demons. We can ruthlessly and without quarter beat them back to the bowels of Hell. And then friends we are free. Free to sing with the Holy Choir of Angels in our victory and prosperity.

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